The Credit Services Association gives this advice:

“There are a number of reasons for this. Credit Reference Agencies collate data from creditors (including banks, credit card companies, utility companies, insurance firms etc). The data that is input into these vast databases can sometimes be corrupted or inaccurate data entered. For example, a date of birth can be entered incorrectly, or initials mistyped.

There may also, however, be a more sinister explanation if a person has committed an act of fraud. A person may use the name and address of another individual to gain credit with no intention of repaying the money.

The information collated at the time the credit was taken out will be input into the Credit Reference Agencies in the usual way, however, it of course is not correct. When the creditor attempts to recover the amount, they will use the services of the Credit Reference Agencies and contact will be made via their address link service”.

Credit Services Association – Consumer Advice